Hello world!

Tired of being a wage slave for too long I decided to take a break and do the (2nd) thing I like the most for a while: travelling. It was about time to spread my awesomeness to other parts of the world.
So, where I am going to? Asia. So far I only have a flight to Kathmandu booked, will get there on Friday the 12th.
For how long? Will see, till I get tired or run out of money (most likely to hapen the 2nd one). Approx will be back when next summer comes to Europe (not Britain!).
What after? No idea. I don’t give a fuck. The future Julio will deal with the concerns of the monetary system and all that crap, poor bastard haha.
This blog is gonna be mainly about this trip. Really, have no idea what I am going to write about and how often. Actually, I know myself a bit and there a lot of chances I will abandon this enterprise quite soon as I did with many others. Quoting Bukowski “my ambition is handicapped by laziness”.
As you can see I started the blog last minute and didn’t have time to work on it. Hopefully at some point I will sit a couple of hours in front of a computer and make it look nicer.
Probably the main reason to write this blog is to get some relief for the loneliness that for sure I’ll feel sometimes and somehow be in touch with friends, so write me bitches! As well to be able to check it in a few years time and feel ashamed about the stupid things I wrote.
OK, previous paragraph was bullshit. This is just about uploading photos of me drinking beer on the beach to make you jealous.
I will try to keep writing in English to reach more people to have an excuse for my absoulte lack of writing skills and general coherent thinking. I apologize for the mistakes as this is not my mother tongue. Sometimes though I may consider switching to any of the other 7 languages I fluently speak (what? you don’t believe me? my CV doesn’t lie!).
Finally, for the very few of you that kept reading till here I promise next posts will be shorter.
Namaste! (yeah, I learnt a word in Hindi – Nepalese, I should consider adding them to my CV).

9 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. have a fab trip buddy. BTW, you need to be able to speak mor than a word to class hindi as one of your fluent languages.

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