I was not planning to write that early, but I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of likes and comments on my first post that I decided to go for a quick post.

As I don’t have that much to tell, the main reason for this post is to say thank you! Dhanyabad as they say here, my 2nd word, can even say it with the funny head tilt the locals do when they have no idea what you are asking about. At a new word per day looks like Nepalese is making its way to my cv.

Apart from that I arrived yesterday in Kathmandu and things are running smoothly apart from a couple of scams, but I am learning…

The most remarkable thing I have seen so far is the monkey temple. As you can guess it is a temple with monkeys around. They get food from tourists and spend pretty much their time scratching their pinky balls, sounds like a good life plan eh? I felt a bit hungry when there so tried to steal a banana from one of them that had a bunch but the fucker was definitely faster and probably smarter than me, fail.

When visiting the main square I found out they where having a kind of rocktober festival. Ticket was £1 so I decided to check it out, what could be wrong? Well, the music was not that bad but… they didn’t sell beer, wtf??? I can’t get a beer at a festival but I can’t walk 2 min on the street without being offered any kind of drugs and prostitutes… ok, got it.


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