The big jump

3 seconds is nothing… that’s what she said. I think they are usually enough and when falling from a suspension bridge over a 160m gorge 3 seconds felt too long to me. I always was very scared of heights and barely could get some sleep the night before. I know this is an irrational fear as it is the one I have to snakes, have others more well-founded: working, black c___s… Anyway I thought that doing bungee could help with this and I don’t know if it did but can tell it was awesome! After that I stayed at the last resort, a pretty cool place for chilling out on the beautiful Bhote Koshi river gorge, where next day I went for some rafting.

Worth mentioning as well was a visit to Patan, almost a suburb of Kathmandu only separated by a river. Patan is a bit touristy but a really nice place with a lot of temples worth seeing. Have to say didn’t check many of them as I spent most of the time at the main square chatting with some locals, specially lovely Sanu, who was working there as a ticket counter to pay for her studies. Sanu brought me some food and insisted on me coming back so she would cook some special Nepalese meal and will start knitting a nice bag for me.

Today I decided to indulge myself with some western luxury and spent 10p in a toilette paper roll.

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