Goats (21st Oct)

For different reasons I end up spending more time in Kathmandu than I wanted. During this time I made some improvements, being able to cross the road one my own was my biggest achievement.

There was one street in the city center I loved, why? It was full of goats, hundreds of them all around,  such a beautiful view, some of them even travelling on buses rooftops. Later I learnt that there was a festival happening and they were to be murdered at temples, so sad 😦

From the few nearby sites I visited from Ktm Bhaktapur was probably the nicest, a pretty medieval town with a very charming atmosphere. I was there before the goats holocaust. As a part of the same festival a lot of things were happening: streets lighted with lots of candles, people singing and drumming around, strange rituals at temples and much more… As I didn’t do any previous research on the matter all seemed quite random to me. I felt hypnotized as in a David Lynch movie, without understanding most of it. Anyway, I guess you shouldn’t expect a lot of logic when it comes to religion.

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