Seven Years in Tibet (22nd Oct)

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho. This is yakshit as pretty much everything he writes. Please note that this is just my irrelevant opinion. Don’t want to offend his fans, actually I respect them, as I do respect “beliebers”, even a bit more as at least they are able to read simple texts.

When you want something first you see if it is possible, work hard on it, do your best and if you are lucky you get it.

It seemed that trekking was the thing to do in Nepal so I decided to give it a try, Having read that the Everest Base Camp trek is full of tourists, the Annapurna Circuit spoiled by road works and Mustang way to expensive I wanted to go for something different. I did my research and the Manaslu circuit seemed what I was looking for. The problem: you need to get expensive permits and at least two people and a guide. I put a lot of effort into making it work within a reasonable budget. I posted on the internet and some boards around Ktm looking for a partner and sent a lot of time in the agency to get it low-cost, one day I even had breakfast and lunch there… And finally when I was about to give up I got an email for Sam (my trekking partner). So this is finally happening against my sprained ankle will, let’s see how it goes.

OK, it is gonna be 17 days instead of 7 years. And the Nepali Tibet as you can’t go to the Chinese one. And I am not Brad Pitt (I am much more handsome). Still the you get it…

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