Dal Bhat (26th Oct)

After a 9h journey in a fully packed bus with people on the roof top through mountain trails I would think difficult even for a 4wd we reached the circuit starting point.

We enjoyed our first breakfast with the Nepali James Bond on TV. He does pretty much the same stuff as the original one but with some funny Bollywood style dancing in between.

Soon we start to say goodbye to the Western life style: showers, hot water, electricity, phone signal… Plus my toilette paper roll sadly passed out after a fatal fall into a water bucket and no way I am spending more money in another one!

On the first part, while ascending slowly, the trek goes along a tropical river gorge. The landscape is beautiful and we can spot some animals such as monkeys and some plants, marihuana among them, shit lots of it, true story.

Food and accommodation are very basic. Delicious dal bhat is served everywhere and soon it my main fuel having it at least once a day. Dal bhat has rice, lentil soup and veg and potato curry and the best thing you can eat as much as you want. For most of locals food consist on two dal bhat meals a day.

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