Yaks (end of October)

Days are passing and we keep ascending. There are three main altitude signs: nights getting colder, prices raising dramatically and the germanization of cows till they become yaks.

After a few days we entered the land of the Gurung, declared “peace area” where killing animals is forbidden by law, which make it a very popular destination among asylum seeker goats. The Gurung people are amazing, they usually have 2 legs and 2 eyes, they speak Gurung, wear Gurung clothes and spend their days doing Gurung stuff. For more info on the Gurung http://lmgtfy.com/?q=gurung

Finally we are able to see the Manaslu, the mountain that gives the name to the circuit, sadly famous this September as an avalanche took the life of 12 people, 4 mules, 3 yaks, one Real Madrid supporter and someone reading “The Alchemist”.

Fact: On average one tourist a year is killed by a yak in Nepal, Darwinism at its best.


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