More Yaks (beginning Nov)

More days passing and we start to find some white shit (not the good kind of) in our way. There are stupid yaks everywhere. The fucking dal bhat cost 5 times more than the first day. It’s freezing at  night and my socks stink big time.

OK, maybe things are not that bad. Last night didn’t get a blanket so I am negative. I still love dal bhat and yaks, well, lets face it, they are probably not the smartest creature in earth, but at least they are a bit ahead of reindeers.

Have to say that the views of the Himalayas on a full moon night with the starry sky above are breathtaking (yeah girls, I can be sensitive as well) And feeling the cold wind when peeing outside make the views even more enjoyable.

The sun usually hides behind the mountains around 3pm or before and then there is not much to do or it is too cold for doing anything so after a bit of reading or playing cards 7-8 pm is bed time.

Yak shagging is the best option but being stupid doesn’t make them easy so a lot of sweet-talking is required, but the reward of a warm night if they let you sleep over is worth the worth it.

Finally the day to cross the pass over 5.1 km has come. Sam was sick and have no other choice than taking a horse. It was not easy for me to keep on with the pace as the lady owning the horse was very fast. She was drinking raksi (local wine tasting like vodka with water). Thinking about that lady boozing from 6 am will make me feel lame when I have beer for breakfast in the future. Anyway didn’t find very difficult going up the pass, but going down was hell, especially for my ankle.

Nepal or Germany?
Nepal or Germany?
Definitely Germany
Definitely Germany

2 thoughts on “More Yaks (beginning Nov)”

  1. hahahaha! your sensitivity is very inspiring blapper – a few things though buddy… NEVER feel lame having beer for breakfast.. NEVER – theres always room for improvement if need be… secondly, stop complaining about your ankle – douche. 🙂

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