Once done with the trekking I went back to Kathmandu to meet Sanu. I stayed at her sisters’. I don’t remember the name of the town but sure I was the only foreigner there. They were extremely kind and I had a great time feeling at home there.

My next destination was Pokhara, supposed to be nicer and quieter than Ktm. People were more laid back there and they slowed down trying to sell me stuff so I thought I finally could have a rest. I was wrong. I became barbers’ target. Apparently shaving after the trek was the thing to do there. They were looking at my beard same way fatties look at burgers or catholic priests at children. Every time I had to explain them than shaving would make me look as the kind of guy who does give a fuck about things and that was clearly not the case.

One night I was invited to a party by a nearby lake. It was fun, but I didn’t choose the best time for the only occasion I did some drinking in Nepal. Next morning without almost any sleep I went paragliding. It wasn’t easy, an helicopter was flying inside my head and I had to hold the vomit. The experience was great and the location perfect being able to see the Himalayas, including the Annapurnas and the picturesque Machupuchare.

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