Chitwan national park was a bit disappointing as I spotted zero rhinos which are supposed to be the main stars there after the elusive tigers. Going around looking for rhinos reminded me of this funny Monty Python sketch.

True that I spotted a lot of other animals: crocs, monkeys, boars, deers, birds… even an eagle catching a snake … and many, many tourists.

The most enjoyable was the elephant bathing and riding (got one just for myself). What about elephant shagging then? Sorry I don’t go for fatties with unless I have at least 7 pints and I have less than 5 min for the last bar closing hour.

One of the nights there it happened to be my birthday, luckily there was a festival there and the lodge owner birthday as well so I got candles and some entertainment.

Trunk contest. Epic win

2 thoughts on “Elephants”

  1. Hey man! Sorry but I did not have a number where to call you. I hope you have a happy birthday.
    And let me tell you that I am reading every single text you are writing. Hope you continue to do so.
    Big hugs man, and keep having fun!

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