The time for Rajasthan has come and the first stop was nice Jaipur with the wonderful Amber Fort.

Pushkar is a pretty small blue city around a sacred lake. A big festival – camel fair was happening with lots of people and events. I scored a tent in a hotel rooftop at 100 rupees per night and the best, the place had a swimming pool. First night I met my “roommate”, a big white monkey with black face. I thought bringing food wouldn’t be a good idea then as he seemed the kind of friend that crashes at your place forever, drinks all your beer without asking and leaves without offering to help with the rent. Actually during the nights I was a bit scared like Chris Griffin with the evil monkey.

True there a lot of things worth seeing in India but there is only one that made me to come here: Pushkar moustache contest. Days were passing and, while waiting for the big moment I was enjoying the many events in the program: camel dance, turban tying contest, rural sports, popular music, spiritual walk (this one was amazing, will upload some pics)…

Finally there was time for the EVENT. Barely couldn’t get any sleep the night before. I was so excited about,I put on my best clothes for the occasion (well, the clean ones) and have to say it was up to my expectations. . Such beautiful moustaches! A few guys have event to roll it and tie it to their heads. The time the unrolled it was magic. The winner had a moustache that goes a long way beyond his feet. He didn’t shave for 27 years! I have no words, he is my hero. That’s a life with a purpose. Meanwhile most of us waste our lives doing meaningless stuff: studying, working, traveling, family… That guy clearly does not give a fuck about such things.

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