The way to Jaisalmer is long but definitely worth it. Probably the most beautiful town I saw so far in this trip.

At some point I wanted to experience the real Indian culture and went for a Bollywood movie. Ok, the truth. I was tired of walking and sat on the cinema doorsteps for a break. Then a hot chick came and asked me – are you coming to the movie? – mmm… ehhh… mmm… sure!. The movie plot was easy to follow despite of being in Hindi without subtitles: a lame love story with plenty of cliches and dancing / singing. The best was to see the locals behavior becoming crazy for example when they kiss. I am not gonna recommend that movie but another Indian one with a completely different style, Salaam Bombay from Mira Nair.

The day after I went to the dessert to ride Sonia Gandhi  She was 8 years old, very quiet and strong, and what I like the most, she was able to walk and poo at the same time pretending than nothing is happening. It was though and left me with sore legs and bum. She was cheap but the experience a bit disappointing. The dessert was rather boring. They told us we would go to a non touristy part with lots of dunes. There were very few small dunes where we slept and wind turbines everywhere. It was so non-touristy that when we set the bonfire a boy form the next village came and try to sell us beer. Well, at least I’ve got a real camel and a silent night under the stairs. Being India I wouldn’t be surprised getting two dudes dressed as a camel or tuk-tuks in the dunes.

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