Holly Cows

I’ll Never Do It Again. According to some people that’s what India stands for. Well, I hope not for me. I liked it a lot. This time I just went to get a glimpse and hope in the future I can go with more time to visit the areas I really want: Ladakh, The South, the tribal North East if they decide to “open” it. Would like to try an ashram as well.

It is true it can be tiring at times as there are lots of touts after tourist dollars, they can be a bit aggressive and they will lie the whole time. But if you confront them with a big smile and a not giving a fuck attitude they won’t be able to spoil you this great place. When tuk-tuk drivers are very annoying telling them you want to go to Kolkata or the Moon will make them smile or piss them off, a win in both cases. When shop sellers were persistent trying to get me to buy some crap I’d try to sell them my t-shirt. R20 was the best offer I’ve got but I am sure if washed  I could get R40.

It could be very interesting as well learn more about the casts system as it looks it is going to happen in Europe if they keep going on with more cuts and austerity policies.

Nice elephant my friend. Cheap price only for you.
Nice elephant my friend. Cheap price only for you.

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