This is Burma…

…It is quite unlike any place you know about” Rudyard Kipling.

Indeed. Just on arriving you can notice women with the yellow thanaka in their faces. Thanaka is a kind of natural make-up/sunscreen from a tree, don’t think bad. Men wear long skirts and a lot have red teeth. This is due to something they chew. Kind of tobacco and other things wrapped in a leave. I gave it a try and tastes like hell but after a while made me feel very good despite of the stomach pain. It cost nearly nothing so looks like a potential business plan.

The most remarkable sight in Yangon is the wonderful huge golden Pagoda, that has a very special atmosphere at night.

From there the next visit were the more than 4000 temples of Bagan, another amazing place.

Mingalaba! (hello in Burmese is not difficult for Spanish speakers)


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