Burmese Days

Many areas in Myanmar keep restricted to tourist. I was looking forward to Kachin State but currently buses and boats cannot take tourist for security reasons since the Kachin people are fighting for their freedom against the Burmese militarily regime… Wait, Obama was in Myanmar a few weeks ago signing  economic agreements with the government, since then tourist even can use atms in the country. Then let me start again:the Democratic Burmese government (an important Western ally) is fighting the evil Kachin terrorists linked to Al Qaeda.

I decided then to take a train to Katha (12 hours). For buying the ticket they took me inside the ticket office. The “boss” came to assist with such task and lighted a cigar and offered me one. Another officer gave me a couple of the chewing leaves but unfortunately not of the feeling good kind. The train departed 2 hours late + another 4 hours delay on the way. It was my worst train ever. Wooden uncomfortable benches, fully packed with people trying to sleep tetris style. Never thought a train could bump that much.

Katha is known for Orwell living there where he wrote “Burmese Days”. The place is very charming and not a lot to do there is a cheap beer station over the river bank where I am writing this lines while watching the sunset.



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