After 2 days mingalabaing the friendly Katha inhabitants I took a ferry back to Mandalay. The departure was 21 hours delayed. At least it was comfortable, as there were no seats I just had to find a piece of floor to lie down on.

My tablet is broken and my kindle already out a few days ago, cats and kindles don’t like water. I don’t have any book so not much entertainment for the 28 hours long journey apart from writing, so apologize for the long posts. I have got playing cards with me and was trying to get the monks to play some Hold’em or shithead but they were not very kind on the idea, nice fellas tough.

At night a flock of soldiers offered us whisky. They couldn’t speak almost any English but enough to understand they were coming from the Kachin State and they were proud of the work they were doing there, shooting. The superior (I don’t have any idea about military ranks, so can’t tell) wanted to make always very clear he was the one in charge. The situation was a bit awkward and one of the few times in my life I refused a free drink. Watching their behavior gave me an idea about how things work here. Anyway, I guess soldiers are similar everywhere and you can’t expect them to stand out for intelligence and open mind.

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