Non Jumping Cats

The Innle lake is the main tourist attraction in Myanmar so if feels a bit as a theme park. Despite of this the place is gorgeous and definitily worth checking. There are floating gardens, traditional fishermen, more pagodas, village markets…

Going for a boat trip is the thing to do. One of the stops is a monastery where a bored monk used to train cats to jump through hoops and do other tricks. Other tourists warned me that the cats are not jumping any more so I skipped that one. Apparently the monk has passed out, I think he just got fed up with tourist circus. Boat dirvers won’t tell you that and the info is still in the Bible (aka Lonely Planet) people keep going there and getting dissapointed. They look at the cats expecting them to jump but the cats just lie down and look back at them as I used to look at my boss when given a task to do.

PS: another tourist handed me a copy of the Burmese Days, so happy I have something to read!

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