Road to Mandalay

Sadly I had to leave “mum” in Hsipaw and go to Mandalay to catch my fly back to Thailand. It was the day of the main annual event on the Capitalist religion, Christmas eve. Luckily they it’s not a big deal there.

I regret not having stayed longer in Burma mainly because of the people, locals and other tourist. I know I tend to say people are friendly here and there but Burmese, believe me, really are. From the places I have visited they can only compare to Iranians. Maybe is their culture or the fact they don’t get many tourists, time will tell.

OK, not yet convinced about visiting Burma? you don’t buy my crap? Bottle of local rum 1 pound. Don’t like rum? Then you will have to go for the expensive 1.20 whisky, which I think is pretty good (apparently my liver didn’t agree but don’t care), made from imported whisky concentrate and “local quality spirits”.

Two warnings about Myanmar:

  • No matter what your guidebook or people tell you, buses will drop you off always at 3 am, ALWAYS. Then finding an open teahouse with live Spanish football is priceless. And some selfish idiots were complaining about 11pm Monday matches.
  • By the side of the road there are lots of stalls selling a bottles of a reddish stuff. It is gasoline, not wine or any local liquor


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