Party Animals

Koh Phangan is very well-known for its fool moon beach parties. Apart from that they have half moon parties, black moon parties, jungle parties, waterfall parties, pool parties and much, much more…

I had the feeling it wouldn’t be my thing, but I had to check them out, so went to 4 of them down the booze I brought from Myanmar. The parties were massive and crazy with cheap drinks served in buckets. I realized I am too old for this battles but still was fun. One night I failed big time, but that gave me the chance to wake up early and could see the party fauna at its best. I could spot one typical scene of Thai wildlife, the happy drunk tourist thinking he hunted a local female specimen without realizing that soon he will get a surprise. Well, maybe he doesn’t mind, the motto here is same same. I managed to sleep 2 nights in a bar, one in a Buddhist monastery and another in a hut on Haad Khom beach.

I took a motorbike to get around the island and didn’t have a place to stay which was like going back in time 7 years when I was in Greece. Away from the party area there were plenty of pretty empty beaches to bum around.

During all this time travelling the most work related thing I was doing, apart from full-time awesomeness, was growing a beard. I did something very stupid. I shaved. More than 3 months work… I had to do something to make up for it so I went wake-boarding to give a boost to my awesomeness. It was great.

There is a very nice spot in the island called Mushroom Hill. People go there to see unicorns, pink elephants,  honest politicians and bankers, fire-spitting dragons and more mythological creatures.



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