Barbecuing Nemo

Apparently Koh Tao is the place to go to loose the diving virginity and get PADI certified.

They told me that keep breathing and chilling out is the most important. I think I am pretty good at chilling out. About breathing, I was doing it almost exclusively for 31 years, with not many distraction from other annoying activities such as thinking or working.. Only my lack of physical coordination could handicap me then.

Diving was amazing! I saw a lot of colorful fish, a pity I was not allowed to take them. Looking forward to do more diving.

There was a scary moment when I saw what it looked like a giant eel but then I realized I had lost my swimming clothes and recognizes the familiar big fish. I know this joke is bad but I needed it. It was a long time I didn’t make any related one and I am running out of ideas.

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