The King Cobra

The Railay peninsula is probably the second most beautiful place I have seen on this trip only after the Himalayas. it’s a climbers paradise with amazing karst cliffs, caves, an astonishing lagoon and the best beaches so far (plenty of sunset pics from here).

I stayed at Tongsay beach, only reachable by boat. There were a bunch of bamboo bars which smell funny, have plenty of hammocks and mats, sell happy shakes and play non-stop the Bob Marley greatest hits CD.

I spent most of my time there lying on the beach and focusing in keep breathing (I am mastering it) as I was told in the diving course is the most important and trying to do the photosynthesis.

I had a good time there but after a few days I decided to leave tired of the heat, having sand in all my stuff, my archenemies the mosquitoes and the cool hippies. I mean the fake hippies talking crap about energies, smoking joints, spending lots of money in hippie like fashion, sipping expensive organic teas… and all of that while updating their fb status on the iPhone. I still admire the real hippies, don’t get me wrong, but, unfortunately, there aren’t many left. The place was infested and one of them quoting Coelho acted as a trigger to make me leave.

One night there I could witness a king cobra show. I had a chance to fight my snake fear and failed. Didn’t take any pic with the cobras and pythons. actually I felt rather sorry for the snakes that scared. as disgusting as snakes or right wingers are they feel physical pain and shouldn’t get it just for people amusement. Never will watch one again.

Trying to make you jealous I am gonna upload a very artistic and original photo. It comprises of my feet, the sand and the sea (forgot a beer, damn it!). I am sure no one before had the same idea. Ooh, I am so cool!

Original Pic


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