Pad Thai

I enjoyed a lot food almost everywhere I went so far but the Thai one is the next level, probably the best I tried in my life. It deserves a post.

Don’t worry about my enthusiasm, I am not gonna upload pictures of everything I eat or shit. I managed to live for quite a while in East London without ever feeling tempted to instagram any stupid cupcake. This post is more about letting mum know I am eating well.

The streets are full with stalls selling lots of different, inexpensive and always incredibly tasty fare. I spent a lot of time just wandering around the streets and markets trying everything I could and still so much left to try.

I ate a lot so for once I thought I wouldn’t loose weight travelling, unfortunately the scale didn’t agree and displayed 58.

If I have to mention every Thai food I love this post would too long but I don’t want to think about my future life without tom yam, papaya salad or mangosteens.

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