Breaking Buses

Lao buses have a reputation for breaking very often. I was lucky and it happened to the first one I took after crossing the border. Most of the passenger gathered around the engine probably discussing how to fix it. I joined them and pointing and the engine and said something meaningless pretending I knew what I was talking about and pretty sure none of them could understand much English. They turned their heads to stare at me. I smiled. They didn’t get it but smiled back. I walked out slowly doing a backwards moonwalk and bought a beer. After a couple of hours the bus was working and it took me to a town where I had to wait for another bus. Locals fed me at the station.

When I jumped into the bus it was full so I had to find some space on top of the bags piling up in the aisle, next to a chicken, not bad. After six hours I could get a seat, which was more uncomfortable than the aisle but I could enjoy the amazing landscape. On the way there were lots of snacks such as rats and other unidentified and not less appealing barbecued creatures, yummy! I was on that bus for ten hours but the total bus journey was 30 with the same guy driving. He looked quite awake though as he was taking frequent long breaks to rest and drink red bull and beer. Please don’t complain about Ryanair in front of me in the future.

Just arrived to Phong Sally, my first destination in Lao PDR, and I am very pleased to be back travelling after my Thai holidays. Beard growing time.

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