The Opium Of The People

Note I am not gonna write about religion or football. Actually it is about opium. So this was Vang Vieng before the authorities decided to shut down the fun and stop natural selection. I would love to see how it used to be. Even better should be visiting Lao in the opium den times which are not so far. Here, more than ever I had the usual feeling of arriving late.

Nevertheless Vang Vieng is still worth a visit to check the dramatic scenery and the wonderful caves.

Mild parties are still happening and some bars keep a “happy” menu but the crazy times of almost free drugs and booze are gone. I found the tubing boring and I was stupid enough to take my phone with me. Apparently phones, same as cats or gipsies are not good friends with water. At this point my watch is the only device still with me, for how long?

Lots of happiness
Lots of happiness

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