Big Snake

Hope the title didn’t mislead you, this post is not about my penis.

One day on buses and I got to a place called Salavan, which picture could be in any dictionary illustrating “the middle of nowhere entry”. They were not used to tourist there. As I was walking people were looking and talking about me. I knew it because I could hear the word “falang” – foreigner all the time. Children where especially interested on my actions:

– Look, “falang ” is walking

– “Falang” is lost hahahaha

– “Falang” is having beer for breakfast

– What is “falang” doing unzipping shorts?

– “Falang” is peeing on us

– “Falang” is yelling at mum for trying to stop him.

As the place didn’t feel remote enough I decided to go to Taoy, in the middle of the middle of nowhere. On the way there the bus suddenly stopped and I thought it was broken again, but it just run out of petrol. I helped them to get a motorbike from the bus rooftop so a guy could go to the petrol station.

I stayed one day in Tahoy being the only falang there I guess for quite a while.

The way back on a truck was very entertaining since along the road kids were selling different unrecognized mammals they hunted with homemade guns. Alive frogs were sold as well but the star was definitely a huge alive python for only 10 euros. A phallic joke here would be too easy.

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