Leaving Las Lao

When leaving Taoy I met a local who works at Tad Lo tourist office. I didn’t have any plans so he easily convinced me to go with him some beer. I didn’t regret it. The place has a good and a few waterfalls and shit but the best was the host, a charming old lady that everyone know as mama.

On the following days the most remarkable was a home-stay at a small coffee producing village. It happened to be on the second biggest day in the Capitalist religion, Saint Valentine’s. Luckily villagers there were taking it just as another excuse to get pissed and they provide us with abundant beer and weed (a pity I don’t smoke). Next morning in a different place some dudes forced us to join them in the malt juice sipping activity again. People here really know how to treat tourists.

Note since I don’t have my electronics with me any more and computer access will be very limited, from now on, posts will be published without much checking so I have to apologize in advance for the misspellings and other errors. Anyway, I don’t give a fuck; spell checks, safe usb removals and dildos are for pussies.


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