The Banana Pancake Trail

I made the mistake of going back to the banana pancake trail to spend my last days in Lao. Apparently everyone love the 4000 islands but I didn’t like them at all. People claim it is a great plate to see the sunset, chilling out in a hammock, read a book or smoke weed. I think in this trip I have seen already more than 4000 places more suited for such activities. I am getting a bit fed up with the cool uniformed backpackers hubs. It’s a pity having to end such a wonderful country in this way.

The good thing is that there I find the time to finish Shantaram  (almost 1000 pages). Quite a few people recommended me the book before and I was not disappointed at all. I found the book very entertaining and addictive and the main character life extremely interesting, highly recommended for people interested in India especially. In my opinion I wouldn’t say it is a good book as I think it could be much shorter if the author had skipped a lot of useless descriptions and meaningless supposed clever pseudo philosophical quotations.


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