The Sound Of Growing Rice

The Vietnamese plant the rice, the Cambodians watch the rice, and the Lao listen to the rice grow

This quote attributed to the French during colonial times couldn’t reflect better Lao people nature. They are so far the laziest, most laid back and slimiest I’ve ever seen. Compared to them I am a workaholic.

Having perceived the enthusiasm locals put on rice listening I am considering devoting my life to philanthropy and go back to Lao and help them in carrying out such a vital and exhausting task.

Sadly my visa is expiring and I have to leave this wonderful country. Yes liver, you won this time but don’t laugh yet, Cambodia coming, In my memory I am taking 2 weddings, a few more Lao parties, dozens of beerlaos and laolao shots, hundreds of bow pennyangs (no problem) and countless smiles.

Enlightening local children
Long time no sunset, here in the Mekong

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