The Small Jump

Somehow this trip started with a 160m bridge jump and only luck keep it from ending with a much smaller one, 8m approx. Wondering why I was lately writing so much crap about Buddha, top fives… I had a lot of free time to kill. I spent 12 days in Banlung, a place in the Cambodian middle of nowhere. There I got into a routine of going to the market for food hunting, greeting regular locals, pointing at barangs¬†(foreigners) and going to the lake for sundowner beers. I wasn’t able to do much more and such activities were even a challenge on the first days. Despite this, I enjoyed my time there meeting nice barangs and locals, reading, writing… It all started with a jump from a motorbike when passing an 8ish meters high bridge falling to hard earth on my back. The helmet saved me and luckily I didn’t break any bone. Don’t have any pics of me at that moment but the look of me lying without being able to get up must have to be quite pathetic and similar to this: As the place was very remote and not close to any road my rescue was not easy. I have to thank the people with me (Alberto, Jesus and Dalila) for it and their support afterward. Once in the hospital even I wasn’t able to walk and I was in a lot of pain the staff looked more concerned about lying on hammocks and playing volleyball in the garden. Finally, I got x-rayed and comforted from the Cambodian version of doctor Nick Riviera who told me I would be fine and asked me if I have pain killers, and the most important, tiger balm. Some pics of the cursed bridge and the before/after that day: