Flying Cows

From around $300 is possible in Phnom Penh to buy a cow and blow it up with a rocket launcher. True story, is even in the Bible. Shooting at chicken with AK-47 and grenading other animals are other popular options. Fucking sick, I would pay $1000 to shoot at the tourist who go for it.

But, of course, that’s my opinion. Some people may think that this is all right. They may tell me I should respect people freedom to blow up any creature they want. In the future it may become a tradition and a key part of Khmer culture. In that case politicians and governmental institutions may fund it, even in crisis times, as this should be clearly a priority over useless services such as education or the health system. Well, it would attract tourist leaving money in the country. It could be broadcasted on tv at prime time ensuring children grow knowing such an important part of their national tradition. Maybe they use a special breed of cows that would be extinguished otherwise and pretty sure till they meet the rocket they are having a damn good life, much better than the animals we eat.

Probably I am stupid not understanding the cow-blowing art and I should be more tolerant and respect other opinions. I hope such a gore entertainment will be banned in the future. Meanwhile I’d like to be respected as well when uncorking a champagne bottle to celebrate anytime a horn ¬†breaks through the bullfighter flesh… Sorry!… What I was thinking about?… I mean, anytime the rocket explodes in the tourist face.

Here Northern Exposure gives a hint about humanizing savage amusements.