Lost In Translation

Phnom Penh is dusty, chaotic, filthy, decadent, with plenty of prostitutes and lacking of tourist sights but authentic and full of life. I loved it.

There it is possible to check the atrocities of the Pol Pot regime at the S21 (a school used as a torture center) and the killing fields. In 3 years approx one quarter of the Cambodian population was exterminated. Recommended movie The Killing Fields.

Finally I bought a photo camera. Hunting for a bargain I found a 2nd hand Japanese touch screen one. I thought I could change the language but it is not possible for this model. My camera and I have a big communication problem so we try to keep our relation in very basic terms. I press button – camera take picture – arigato.

Sunset piggies
Sunset piggies

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