Monkeys II

I went in a rush to the Angkor temples afraid of getting disappointed as with the Taj Mahal. Far from that… The temples were breathtaking, probably the best ones in the world. My favorite was the “Tomb Raider” one (not very original here), though it was quite overcrowded making almost impossible to take Japanese-free pics.

Many Japaneses. Fail
Many Japaneses. Fail

I cannot say I liked Siam Reap (the nearby city) at all, despite of the $1 beds, the $0,5 beers and an interesting meat market.

While visiting the temples I had another non amiable encounter with monkeys. I was taking a break and eating some corn. Then I realized next to me a monkey opening my bag. He was taking a hob. I tried to scare him making strange movement and noises. Didn’t work. He stared at me. I was afraid and let him go. After more evil monkeys surrounded me to steal the hob in my hands. I have a limit. I stood up and when one of them grabbed my pants I hit the motherfucker on the head with my water bottle.. They got it and left. So far Monkeys 2 – Julio 1.

Criminal Monkey
Criminal Monkey

The visit to the temples and my time in SE Asia ended with another pair of chatty monks, will miss them so much.

Here Cambodia pics.

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