Welcome To The Jungle!… That’s what she said (the German one).

Bukit Lawan is the places to see orangutans in Sumatra. The jungle here is extremely leafy and scenic, beating big time the ones I saw before.

On the first day I saw a gorgeous bat cave, On the second I went for a jungle trek where I saw a few orangutans and some orang bule (the term they use here for Westener, falang!). At night we slept in tents by the a river within a gorge, with a few varans (big lizards Komodo style) around.

From pretty Bukit Lawan to chaotic Medan, Sumatra biggest city. The friendly people and good food made up for the lack of views.

A lot of people in Sumatra, particularly teenagers want to take pictures with the bule. I feel overwhelmed, not that I am not used to these attentions but usually not before getting naked.

Indonesian language seems pretty easy to learn, I like.





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