Dog Days Are Not Over

The lake in the island in the lake in the island. Sidihone is a small lake within Samosir Island, which is an island in the lake Toba in Sumatra.

Pretty Samosir is inhabited for the nowadays friendly Batak Toba (about 200 years ago they used to practice cannibalism, bule was in the menu). They have they own language and their houses a particular shape and beautiful carvings. They are a non Muslim minority and produce tuak (palm tree wine), cheap booze to bypass Indonesian overpriced beer.

Batak technology
Batak technology

One day looking for breakfast we asked in a local place what did they have. The lady answered “dog” pointing to some meat. I thought I misunderstood or her English was not good. – Duck? – I asked shaking my arms as if wings and making the proper onomatopoeia. – No, dog – she replied.

Traditional Batak breakfast

I still was surprised and used the Indonesian word for dog pointing at one in the street. – Yes, dog!. I may have eaten some dog in any soup during this time, very likely in Lao or Cambodia but this was the first time I knew it. Didn’t try the dog but I did try another local delicatessen, mushrooms. A new world.

We did some trekking to the core of the island, luckily some local kids came with us on the first day for a small amount as it the trail was of the kind you need a machete. We stayed with a family and helped them with the coffee harvest.

Bule at work
Bule at work


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