On The Road

The way from the Toba Lake to Bukikttingi took us 2 days, mainly hitchhiking. The 1st leg was specially nice because of the pretty landscape and the batak toba people, a lot of them greeting us, being children the most enthusiastic.


From the many vehicles that gave as a lift 2 stood up: a police pickup and an ambulance where smoking was allowed.


During the evening we could see a lot of tuak fueled happiness around. A guy on a motorbike approached us from behind when in the police pickup. His plain reply “to drink tuak”. He was carrying a huge (30l approx) bottle. A man with a purpose.

For the first time in my life I went into the Southern Hemisphere, that mysterious place where the water rotates the other way around when flushing a toilette. Amazing Coriolis!. I want to check it myself and probably will spend hours just looking at the toilette when I find one, not an easy task in this area. Will try to upload a video downing a few turds to share with you my amusement.

As promised and completely unrelated to this post, a pussycat

While having my first breakfast in Bukittinggi a guy proposed us to go to Batu Sangkar to help an English teacher in exchange for free an accommodation. We accepted, but will leave that for next post.

Not far from Buki we checked the beautiful raflesia flower.

Raflesia and bule feet

We climbed Marapi volcano at night without a guide against the Bible advice. Of course we got lost and I was very frightened for a couple of hours, but with the sunrise we were able to be back on the right track. On the top there were lots of clouds so we couldn’t enjoy the views, still very worth the though climbing and descend.

Summiting Marapi

Finally we went to the pretty Lake Maninjau. It was nice but we didn’t explore a lot as it rained a lot and we were exhausted from the Marapi.

Non sunset at Maninjau


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