Saved By The Bell

As I already wrote on the previous post we were to Batu Sangkar to help at a school. On arrival we met our host, Mr. Edi. Apart from owning a school an teaching English he promotes Herbal Life. Here a picture of the before / after he proudly displays at his school.

Herbal Life
8 kg in 3 months, true story
Edi and Bule
School head master Mr Edi and Assistant Teacher Mr Bule

Our job consisted mainly in just having conversations with the kids. As well one morning we went to other schools to promote Mr Edi’s, our task, being bule and giving away flyers to the kids with a big smile.

Teacher Liz, she has a lot of patience with the kids

As well I taught the children the importance of pointing at bules any time they spot one

Sometimes it was not easy to answer kids’ questions. One child asked me about my favorite drink. For a while I was only able to think about alcoholic ones and finally I could only reply “water”. There was as well an uncomfortable moment when, not in purpose, I asked to the classroom least slim girl what was her favorite food and the kids started to laugh and probably make nasty remarks. F*ck, what I was thinking about…

Me writing NAKED, as promised

Mr Edi, all the teachers and the kids were always extremely friendly and provided us delicious food. It was a great experience and I enjoyed a lot my time there. We had time to visit the amazing King’s Palace and a bunch of traditional Minang Kabau houses.

King Palace
King’s Palace


2 thoughts on “Saved By The Bell”

  1. juuuuuuuuuuliiiiiiooooooo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    ke pasa crak¡¡¡¡? levo muito tempo sen nete ,dende xaneiro,mudamosnos a pina , ke e un pobo de interior de 600 hb,e as comunicacions……

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