No Direction Home (11th April, 6 months special)

It  has been already half a year since I decided to engage in a deeper relation with my awesomeness, times go by so quickly. There were a lot of good moments and a few bad ones tough the balance remains still very positive. I will stick to the good ones and remember the amazing places I have seen and the great people I met.

When I was sure my first destination (Nepal) would pass undefeated here I am writing this from the astonishing Mentawai Islands, off the coast of wild Sumatra, which is gonna be a strong contestant for the trip top one.

During this time I learn a few things I would like to share, here a couple of random ones:

  • Before I only knew only 3 total foods (I call that to the ones you can survive on for month without taking anything else). These were my mum lentils soup, Lidl noodles and obviously beer. I  have 2 new additions to the list: dal baht and coconuts.
  • Despite of what most people and guidebooks (probably financed by the bottled water lobby) will tell you, tap water around Asia is usually safe to drink. You just need to purify it using a very simple method, by adding 2 parts of whisky to 1 part of tap water.  Seriously there are a lot of alternatives to trash the planet unnecessarily with plastic.

As I felt I was running out of ideas to write about and people was getting tired of reading my crap I started to upload a lot of photos to the last posts. As I feel this was not enough I will try something else to keep people interested, so, against my will, I have no choice but to upload pics of kitten for the ladies and boobs for the gents. Whether this sounds as a reward, a punishment or a threat to you a pic of my written naked will be here soon. Please stay tuned and feel free to drop me a line any time you are bored at work.

Thanks to the people who helped me in this trip and the ones that keep reading this blog. More to come…

Muten Roi - Muten Roshi
If this pic doesn’t say anything to you, you didn’t have a childhood
My Boots
Like a rolling stone

9 thoughts on “No Direction Home (11th April, 6 months special)”

  1. El whisky lo mejora todo Julio! Ya sabes que la foto en bolas marcará record de visitas! Ahora, no sé si para bien o para mal… jajaj.
    Sigue así, majo! 1 abrazo.

    1. Para que veas que en este blog se acepta la critica constructiva acabo de anhadir una foto al post anterior que espero sea de tu gusto. El proximo post viene tambien flojito pero en los siguientes intentare meter mas burradas y citar a Bukowski.

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