A Clockwork Coconut

This post is about football, but I am not going to talk about the Champions League, Messi, CR96 or any sort of millionaires. I am posting here a few pics about the real football, the one played in the streets or, in this case. in the middle of the jungle. The field was located in a small village (Rogdog) in the Mentawai Islands. It was tilt and completely uneven, in some players  get into mud till the knees. Children and adults play barefoot with a stone-like hard ball. Maybe their skills and style are not the one of the legendary Clockwork Orange (Gullit, Van Basten, Rijkaard…) or the post Raul Spanish tiki-taka but after playing with them they deserve my admiration as much as those teams.

The bule team tried its best at the game and it won… a lot of laughs and the sympathy of the locals… My role resembled more the one of a Takeshi’s Castle (Humor Amarillo) contestant (chino Cudeiro, sorry no translation for this) than the one of a football player.

At the same village a guy showed us a wild pig he hunted with his bow and arrows. Difficult to believe but from the wound seemed he was not lying.

Bule team
Bule team



PS: Forza Depor.

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