To my geek friends, I am sorry to disappoint you but this is about the Indonesian island.

no geeks
Not this java

Jakarta is another huge chaotic Asian city. I thought I would like as I usually do with this kind of places. Not the case. Apart from the friendly people we met there and took us around nothing interesting there.

After the Mentawai days sleeping on the floor, with no toilettes and not many food choices it was good to have some comforts though. We stayed with a well-off family and had a lot of luxury: a sitting toilette, air-con and even hot water! Didn’t remember last time I saw such things, definitely not in Sumatra.

Good reminder
Good reminder
Upgrading from economy class to sleeper

I felt pretty sick for a few days and finally I went to a very posh hospital in Bandung for some tests. They told me to stay in the city and go back in a couple of days to redo the test as it might be dengue. I did the sensible thing, leaving without paying the bill and as I felt better on the next day, going to climb a volcano (Papandayan).


After Sumatra I found west Java bit dull. Now I understand what girls feel when they are with someone after me.

We had a good time by the beach in Pangandaran, rather due to the people we met than to the place itself.

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