Wuthering Heights

Yogyakarta was our first stop in East Java. Nice city and nice people. Thanks to a friend we stayed at the Uni dorms with the friendly Kalimatan students.

We took the arguable decision of avoiding the crowds and skipping Borobudur and Bromo.

Instead we climbed Gunug Semeru (3.6k), yes another volcano. Randomly in a nearby village we met a member of the Mentawai bule team whose track we had lost. A friendly local with him offered us a tent for the climb. When back we stayed at his place having and he played us some good reggae. Few bule climb this one. We had a great time with the local tourists along the way and at the campsite. As usual they shared their food with us and even one day they gave us beer (and arak) for breakfast, drunk trekking is fun.

Pretty lake
Lavender field, one of the nicest places I ever took a dump

On Labour Day we reached the top. Apparently on a clear day you can see an amazing sunrise, Gunung Bromo, Bali, a few seas and even naked girls. No luck for us, it was foggy at sunrise time. Later it got better and we could enjoy some pretty views. A local guide told us not to get close to the crater as the ashes from the eruptions that happen quite often are dangerous. We respected his advice and waited till he left to go there.

Cheech and Chong were having a good time at the crater

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