Everybody Likes Surfing

Sadly it was time to leave Java, and worse than that, saying goodbye to Rose. It was a great time we shared. Now the bule gila team has only 2 members. This means as well no good pics from now on. Terima kasih wanita tinggi, sampa jumpa!

We arrived to Kuta (Bali) and went straight on to the party.  Observing the people there and thinking about the bombings in 2002 awakened on my an unknown Nazi side. For a while I sympathized with the terrorist and thought the world with be a better place without  all of those people.

During day time things got not better there. The beach fills up with the same wannabe surfers and pretty people you see at night. I wish I was they had something similar to Cambodia. I would pay lots of money to fire at surfers with an AK-47. Seriously, that place beats the worst Thailand. And Ubud was not much better. Where is our Indonesia?

Quickly we got a motorbike to run away. We saw pretty rice fields, beaches and jungle landscapes. What makes Bali different is its own branch of Hinduism, with all the temples, flowers and ornaments, ceremonies and all of that pretty stuff.

Sad to see how the business very often is becoming more important than the culture and tradition. In example, we saw a pretty temple by a gorgeous mountain surrounded lake. Then, suddenly, the tourist buses arrived releasing flocks of topless men and women in bikini, a few beer in hand. It didn’t matter, forget about respecting the sacred place, as long as they pay the overpriced entrance fee. It reminded me of the Bible when Jesus found his father house taken by merchants and money changers.

Bali offers easy accessible pretty places well marked on the tourist guides. Beautiful? No doubt but not better landscapes that the ones you can find randomly in other parts of the country. In my opinion, still can be a good destination when not having a lot of time, otherwise better to skip it.

Pretty rice fields
Pretty rice fields

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