Where the Wild Roses Grow

Time to leave Sumba. The weekly ferry to Flores was no convenient so I went through Sumbawa again.

The boat departed with a 7 hours delay, time I spent inside waiting. Good thing, it saved me to pay for 1 night accommodation. This time the lower deck was filled up with lots of bananas and a few horses, like my University.

Once in Sumbawa I slept a few hours in a bench waiting for the sunrise and ferry to Flores. I was quite determined to find other bule there so I could speak some English. They were in the VIP room so I spent most of the time again with friendly Indonesians who advice me about local cheap accommodation in Labuan Bajo. There I just said I like drinking and quickly someone brought a bottle of arak (strong booze) to share with me. and once more I spent most of my stay struggling with the language.

The Portuguese named the island Flores (flowers) for its beauty. They were right. The island is gorgeous, somehow reminded me of the best Sumatra. Just following the main road the dramatic landscape couldn’t get better with plenty of perfect shaped volcanoes, river canyons, pretty beaches… And that’s why this post title. There are not white roses so maybe but roses are flowers and the island s as pretty as the song (OK, maybe a bit pushed). Unfortunately I saw most places from vehicles so no pics.

Traditional theme park
Traditional villlage

As the number of tourist is increasing I was a bit worried about locals being spoiled. Not at all, they are very friendly and helpful, even for Indonesian standards. I even enjoyed a couple of homestays.

I am very impressed by Flores nature and people, one of the best places in this trip. I regret not spending more time there. Strongly recommended going as soon as possible before they start developing resorts and such.

Kelimutu will have its own post. Very interesting, even for this blog standards.

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