Jesus Christ Superstar

On arrival to Toraja I was told about a funeral in one of the most visited villages, Kete Kesu. Funeral ceremonies are a big thing there and will write more about in the next post. On my way I met a friendly local who took me on his motorbike and showed me around. As the place sees some tourist an entrance donation is requested. As I was with my new friend I didn’t have to pay and even was invited to eat with the family.

Locals chanting at the funeral. In front of the coffin a wooden image of the deceased.

That night I stayed at his place. Next morning I was planning to go to trek to the mountains but I couldn’t. I had a sore foot and the thing got really bad. It was an infection and my foot was so huge I couldn’t wear any shoe. It was due to some new flip-flops I was wearing. From all the insensible things I did, a stupid sandal was the one to take me down.

I wanted to go to hospital but it was Sunday and my host a religious man so he asked me to join him to church first. My problems to say no and the fact I barely could walk lead me to the temple, this time the Pentecostal Church. It was a new experience which reminded me of the theater. There was a band, singers, a couple of dancers (no strippers unfortunately), a power-point on a projector with karaoke lyrics and plenty of sunsets and a bunch of actors, sorry, preachers I mean.  Very entertaining and I kind of liked the show mainly because I didn’t understand what they were saying, I guess some reason non Spanish speakers may like Latino music. A friendly woman who could speak English sat next to me and wrote on a paper the translation of the speeches,

At some point actors, I mean people, sorry again. started jumping on stage to give testimony of God. My host wanted to go and give mine. Too much, I kindly declined. Tough it could have been fun: “I was 15 and my life was very lame. Then the Jesus dude showed up in one of my dreams with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other. I saw the light!. The almighty showed me the way and from that moment my life became fucking awesome. Haleluya!”.

Apparently a prominent surgeon was in Church. He told me no need to go to hospital. He prescribed me some medicines and advice me to pray a lot. Love science. I was in good hands. I spend the following 3 days in bed, with fever and lots of shit coming out of my foot. As the pain was not enough the maiden of the house  was insisting on burning my foot with taro oil. The thing was doing by heating a spoon with a candle, junkie style. She was very nice tough, and took care of me as a mum. As usual no English was spoken there.

As things were not getting better and I went to hospital to do what I should have done from the beginning, getting my foot properly cleaned by a nurse and I started to recover slowly.

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