Sea Gypsies

It’s said that it is difficult to get to the Togean islands but much more difficult to leave. True that. I thought after 8 months I wouldn’t find better tropical paradises that the ones I’ve already seen. Wrong. The islands are gorgeous and they are going straight to the “places I
want to go back” list.

They are home to the Bajau people, often called sea gypsies, not because of their likes for sea scraps or other people properties, but because of their semi nomadic lifestyle. They are hunter gatherers who spend much of their lives on boats. They are great divers and nowadays use handmade spearguns and goggles they made from wood and glass. The Bajau are nice dudes, able to “hello mister” a bule from their boats at surprisingly big distances.

Bajau hipster
Bajau hipster

There I stayed in a cozy hut in a pretty secluded beach  for $10 days a day, all meals included. The place is owned by a friendly Bajau family. The father has a permanent smile and he would be happy to take you on his boat when going fishing for your dinner and would love to share some arak (strong booze) with the bule in the evening.

My home. Look at my "guardian" behind the plant, he was even lazier than me.
My home. Look at my “guardian” behind the plant, he was even lazier than me.
Views from my home
Bajau settlement
Bajau settlement

There are many islands with perfect beaches only accessible by boat and Bajau settlement scattered around, a volcano, a lagoon where to swim with the non-stingy jellyfish… For the snorkeling, there is plenty of coral around and it  is possible to go diving as well, didn’t try this time. Just snorkeling I saw lots of things and it was as good as the dives I did in other places. Awesome.

The jetty
The jetty
Blue starfish, just by the jetty
Blue starfish, just by the jetty

It is difficult to think of a better tropical paradise and whatever I write or you see in the pics will not be enough to describe the place beauty.

More pics


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