Your mother ate my dog

How nice is to walk around Harrods food courts in London and see all the sparkling aliments perfectly arranged. Indonesia has an answer to that: Tomohon meat market.
The area inhabitants, hedonistic minahasans, would eat anything that moves. This time “meat market” and “eating anything that moves” have no second meanings. Rats, pigs, dogs, bats, snakes can be found, same as in McDonalds burguers, but here the product is not yet processed and often still alive.

Visiting the macabre market is a slaughter house experience, a blood orgy where Tarantino would get a big erection.

I was “lucky” and arrived just at the moment a man was pulling a dog with a metal tool from the many that filled up a cage. As the dog yelping was quite annoying the man beated his head with a wooden stick till it shut up with a blood coming out from the snout. Then I walked around to enjoy the views and smells. It was a nice stroll among blood, dirt and offals, not recommended on flipflops. OK, enough talk, better see the pics at the bottom.

I decided to have my lunch at the market fruit section. Locals gave me some arak which helped to forget what I saw. What scared me the most is how easy I addapted. I was horrified on arrival at the sight of the dogs piling up in the cages and seeing the
first one getting killed. Soon I was walking around and finding the market scenary quite normal.

Next day I went to the same town for a kind of thanksgiving. You can guess what was on the menu. I just took the fish and veggetables.

Now you may regard minahassans as heartless wild people. I don’t think the animals consumed in the West have a better life than the ones there and the way they are killed is not much better, only that we usually just see the processed meat on the plate or clean pieces at the supermarket or butchers. True that dogs are not eaten and the hygiene conditions are different. I am not saying that meat consumption should be avoided but reducing it wouldn’t hurt that much. And more strict rules should be applied to ensure animals have decent live conditions and painless deaths.

Here a nice tune to get in the mood for the pics.

And the pics…

Who is a good boy?... not you... die... hahaha
Who is a good boy?… not you… die… hahaha
Hair removal because it's not nice when a hair gets in your mouth...
Hair removal because it’s not nice when a hair gets in your mouth…
Yummy dogs
Who’s next?
Batman defeated
Batman defeated
I think I smell a rat
I think I smell a rat
$5 per kg
$5 per kg
Free home delivery, teleporco
Free home delivery, teleporco
Por fucinhos, por cacheiras
Por fucinhos, por cacheiras


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