Sweet Home Sulawesi

Sadly I had to leave Siau. In the boat to Manado a local pointed me to a cheap hotel near the port. The room was $4 per night or $10 per hour. The shared toilette was probably the worst I have seen in this trip, and believe, that’s a lot to say. I would like to have an UV light to check that room. The workers tough were very friendly and would bring me tea and snacks while chatting with them, making good the topic that even prostitutes only want me as a friend. I could see a police officer on his uniform getting in. He did the business in only 1/2 hour.

Before leaving the country I spent a last night in Makassar. I stayed at a restaurant owner’s I met on my previous visit so great free food 🙂 He was sad as karaokes were not open during Ramadan. Seriously guys, what kind of God would want brothels to be closed?

I “had forgotten” to pay for my check-in luggage and at the airport it was to expensive so I tried to go to the boarding gate with 2 bags and almost 20kg, when the allowance is one bag and 7kg. And they had a scale there… So I started putting on as many clothes as I could with books and heavy stuff in my pockets. Luckily the Air Asia guys and police officers were Indonesians and all were helping me with the task till I had near only 7kg in each bag and they pretended one of them was form another passenger. Unfortunately I had to leave behind my arak, no!!! I wanted to drink some on the spot but they didn’t like the idea.

For the 3rd time I spent a night at KL airport. I was very sad as for leaving my beloved Jew-free Indonesia. Despite of children pointing at me I never felt as a bule (foreigner). I was feeling the kind of farewell sadness as from other places I lived and left a part of me behind: A Corunha, Vigo, Kavala, Helsinki (Ok, not this one) or London.

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