The Wire

No doubt The Wire is the best TV show ever. Anyone who had watched it will agree. When you finish the 5 seasons you feel happy and sad at the same time. You enjoyed an amazing master piece but you realize you probably will find anything near as good in your lifetime. Yes, Breaking Bad or Treme are damn good and you will get addicted to Game of Thrones but it is not the same. The following days you only want to speak about it. You will try to recommend it to anyone that hadn’t watched it. If they had you will get overexcited talking about how great Omar, Stringer Bell, Scoop or McNulty are…

So the point is that travelling Indonesia feels like watching The Wire, fucking awesome, best place big time. This is the best way I found to explain the experience. The main difference here is that I hope there will be more seasons, Papua and the Maluku are top in my list for the future.

I have no words to describe how much I love Indonesia and the friendly people that so much helped me there. Below some of the many good things there and some of the very few bad ones:

I like

  • Indonesians
  • Mentawai
  • Danau Toba mushrooms
  • Togean
  • Volcanoes
  • Flores
  • Siau
  • Tana Toraja
  • East Java…

I don’t like

  • Bali-Gili
  • Beer price
  • Corruption
  • Environmental care

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