Changing Indonesia for Hong Kong was a big shock and had a kind of time travel feeling. The place reminded me a bit of London. There are double deckers, suits, people rushing around, queues everywhere, lots of overpriced shit, posh shops, teenagers with smart phones glued to their hands, lots of rules and Darwinism defiant warnings  (mind the gap!) and even some hipsters. As well citizens are given a card  in order to be tracked by the rulers, here called octopus instead of oyster. There are of course many differences, the most notorious the vertical architecture. Good inexpensive food can still be found in HK. There are plenty of neon colourful lights around town which (usually) are not brothels.

I stayed in a micro-room at the Chunking Mansions. The place have been through a clean up at had lost the decadent atmosphere of Chunking ExpressWell, at least, there are quite a few entertaining Indian touts. I was missing them. They were insisting on selling me suits and hash. I asked them for a tuktuk.

Oh, and I had a hot shower! True story.



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