The Red Lantern

After one night in a sleeping bus I got to my first Chinese destination, Yangshuo.  The town is a trap for local tourist, full of shops and loud Chinese discos. Good thing, touts target mainly locals so didn’t bother me much.


On the first day I went trekking and I rented a bike for the second one, both very pleasant. Once I got away from the touristy spots I enjoyed the pretty landscape. It looks like the Dragon Ball mountains when Goku was a kid, when the show was good before the one week interplanetary monster fighting crap. Amazing krast formations all around.


From Guilin I took a 27 hour train to Xian. Sleepers were sold out so I was on a hard aisle seat without anywhere to rest my head or limbs, not the best… Xian city is charming with lots of yummy food around. At this point of my trip, more than any sight I enjoyed playing basketball with locals. I taught them a few things. Yao who?


Nearby, I climbed Hua Shan, steep walk and entrace fee, overcrowded, cloudy… still a great place. I skipped tough the Terracota Warriors, the ticket was way too expensive. There is a museum in town where I saw a bunch of them and a couple of horses for free, enough for me.


This guy ate too much rice

As Tibet is nowadays banned for independent travelling I didn’t go there. At least I could get some Tibetan flavor at Labran Monastery in Xiahe, Gansu province. It was awesome, with plenty of monasteries, Tibetan pilgrims and grasslands. The kind of place where Paulo Coelho would have a wank and after get the inspiration to write a magical book to enlighten us mortal and explain the meaning of life. I will only bother you with a few lines.


It was good to eat momos again and greet people with a taksi delek. But the best was meeting old friends, the friendly workless Tibetan monks and the yaks, those lovely stupid hairy creatures.

Yaks. Actually this is not from Xiahe but from the Karakorum but it has German cows, which is the point

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