The Flying Spaguetti Monster

From Gansu I took a 25h train to Turpan, again hard seat, sweet… On entering Xinjang province you start noticing big changes on people. Wide-eyed Han Chinese leave place to Uighur Central Asian moustache faces. Goodbye Jackie Chan, hello Borat. Uighur women colorful gypsy style dresses are pretty cool.

Turpan is a pleasant town with some streets covered by vineyards.  Apart from grapes, melons are delicious as well. There is a really nice ruined city to visit. Turpan is 150m below the sea level in the middle of the dessert, the hottest point in China, an oven, usually over 40C. I got 44C! Good any shop sells ice cold beer.


Another 24h seating on a train took me to Kashgar. This was probably the worst one, very hot inside and no water available, a nightmare. The main attraction in Kashgar is the animal market, not so special.

Sexy sheep, that’s an ass
Sexy sheep, that’s an ass
Happy donkey
Happy donkey

From there I did the Karakorum highway on a bicycle but that will go in the next post. When back I wanted to cross to Kirgizstan on a Friday but they told me the border was closed for the end of Ramadan so I had to wait till Monday.

I could see the end of Ramadan celebrations in Kashgar. Shit loads of people praying everywhere around the Mosque. Actually there were only men and by their praying position one could think it was the gay pride getting craaaazy.


Releasing  a few pigs in the middle of that religious mayhem could be good fun.

Note that these are just stupid jokes. I don’t want to offend Islam and get people burning print outs of my blog. I just despise it same way I do to other false religions (Christians, Buddhist, Jews…). I hope one day everyone will praise the Only True Awesome God, The Almighty Flying Spaguetti Monster.

His Awesomeness
His Awesomeness

One interesting conversation at a shop, in Chinese:

–          Beer? – me

–          Muslim – shop keeper bringing a hand to his chest

–          OK. Julio… – me, bringing a hand to my chest – …Beer?


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